Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It appears people can see and read me.......yikes!!!!

I'm still getting used to being back in the driving seat.......blogger is not what it used to be!
I'm still bargain hunting in CS.....and have found some super things....and you know what? This blog would not be my blog if I'd not mentioned CK within 2 mins of being back.......! are my latest CK CS finds........a cherries bag and a wonderful cushion cover, £6.99 for the two......bought from Oxfam on Oxford Road Manchester........check that shop out...they have some amazing pre-loved goodies....!

Back soon......with new stuff and more on the ballgown and the new boyfriend!!!!
Watch this space......xxxxxx


  1. Brilliant CK finds, look forward to reading about your other CS bargains.
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Mel, so glad you're back 'cause we've missed you loads!! Looking forward to hearing about what you're up to, can't see your followers button? Lucey x

  3. Hi Mel. Great to see you back. Nice to hear you so happy. Looking forward to finding out more. Lynda xx

  4. Welcome back, have really missed you! Hope everything's ok, and looking forward to catching up xxx

  5. Welcome back! Look forward to hearing what you have been up to! Lizzie

  6. Hello again!
    Ever so good to have you on here again...
    Sending kind thoughts, love Maria x

  7. Hi mel. Wondered where u had gone. I hate blogger now! It's so hard to keep up with blogs. I do still blog but don't get as much enjoyment out of it anymore. I'm an Instagram convert now xxx