Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Photoshoot day!!!!

Helloooo readers!!!!
I'm sooo tired I honestly can't come up with anything snappyier for the blog title ( not even a proper word either it would seem!! )
Yesterday was the best day ever!!!
Period Living sent out two fantastic people to style and photograph the house.......Darren and Anna are amazingly professional.....I got tearful at one point when they showed us a few of the pictures,  which can't been shared yet because obviously the mag gets first dibs...

The best bit of the day......was when Pickle decided she would pose beautifully on the newly acquired settle ( made by Paul at the Canadian pine company here in the potteries ) I found this picture on Twitter last night....Pickle already a social media darling......what a pro!

I'll keep you posted as to when we'll be " in" it's quite's flipping brilliant really......I can't be bothered to be all humble about this......its way too fantastic!!!!

Till next time!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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