Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Normandy Dday '71

Hello readers......I've been soooo busy since Period Living came and went.
Loads has happened in between,  but the most exciting thing has been this......I finally got to go to Normandy for the Dday commemorations.
Chris was able to take me,  as he'd booked it as leave,  even though he still had to perform his Duties as squadron sergeant major.  However that was more than fine with me.......as he spent most of it in uniform.......drool......yum!!!  Loveeee my soldier!!!

Highlights of the visit....Chris in uniform aside.....teehee.....I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Michael Brown,  a DDay veteran and the elegant and charming Madame Gondree.......dear Arlette....she's so lovely to the Army Air Corps.

We also spent the day with Adam and the younger lads on a battlefield tour,  completely amazing and so interesting....when you visit the sites of once war torn villages,  it's so hard to imagine the devastation when all you see is beauty......and feel a sense of tranquility.

We also attended many services at various war graves......the turn out was more low key this year,  if you watched it on TV last year  it was bonkers......as it happened to be the 70th and the 100th anniversary commemorations,  plus there were sooo many VIP visitors.

Having a very active love for all things 1940s,  mainly Homefront...I've got to say that seeing it from this point of view has left me hungry for more info......I'm currently reading a book on Pegasus Bridge....which is proving to be a very absorbing read!

We are definitely going back next year......Chris will be in his blazer and regimental tie for that.....as he begins his resettlement from the end of this month......basically his year notice....this year a lot of changes will take place......which I'm sure we'll manage just fine!!!

Come back soon.....xx

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  1. Pegasus Bridge

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    3- - Pegasus Bridge, l’usurpation Tome I

    4--Pegasus Bridge
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    Didier Rochard recevait Françoise Gondrée, fondatrice du musée de Pegasus Bridge et présidente de l'ASPEG,

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