Monday, 13 July 2015

More from Lovely Leek!!

I honestly can't get enough of lovely Leek....the shops are amazingly fabulous!
This weekend gone we popped by to check out the antique many to lose an hour or indeed a month of your life.....but so just wouldn't care if you did!!
We cam home with this beauty.....a 1930s chest of drawers,  which is now repurposed as a TV stand......we could have nipped to ikea......but quite honestly our Victorian drawing room was crying out for something a bit more in keeping!
After a good waxing,  badly needed as it was so parched,  it took pride of place......and I must say we are more than happy with it!!
So if you ever pop to Leek.....go to P.T.Gilligan.....and enjoy a chat with Mr G.....82 years old and soooo spritely!!!

Till next time!!!

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