Friday, 21 August 2015

Busy busy busy!!!!

Hi guys!
I'm glad to see I've still got the energy to smile!
It's been all go here!
My stepdaughter Megan passed her GCSEs with flying colours!
I've had my family at home for two weeks,  Chris my other half for a week by ourselves.....we've done loads of jobs in the house and even found time to squeeze in a bit of relaxing!
Soon it was time to pick the children up,  so we decided it would be a good time to fit in a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum,  Chris sadly lost a number of good friends in helicopter crashes in Bosnia and Afghanistan the latter being quite recently,  so it was a tearful visit to pay our respects.
It's tranquil setting that highlights the immense loss of life in our recent conflicts.......I especially found the "Shot At Dawn" memorial hugely upsetting....130 souls shot for what was then seen as cowardice....nowadays their PTSD or shell shock would have received the attention it sad it's hard to put it into words that do it justice.
After a soothing tea of tea.......because tea cures all in this house.....we travelled on to pick up the children,  who were very excited to see us and we to see them.....they'd just enjoyed a boating trip up the Norfolk broads with their mum and her partner and the family dog.....we had opted for a holiday at home this year as Staffordshire has much to offer and we needed to do more exploring......however you can read more on those trips below! they've all gone back.....and suddenly it's Friday again and Chris is due home in hours few!!! 
Gosh the week went quickly!!
I've been doing odd jobs around the house...I've  been to slimming world.....I've lost 7lbs in 5 weeks.....not bad!
More on that another time!

I've had my old nanny children and their mum come to visit......Helen is a great friend of mine.....we've known each other for 18 years....I've looked after all the children in some capacity during that time....the youngest missy below.....making herself at home with her knitting!
They brought me a lovely Emma Bridgewater love all over cushion and an EB biscuit tin!
Lucky me!!!

Well,  enough of my get out of bed and get on with the day......need to see if Staffordshire life magazine us in the shops yet....our house is featured in it......can't wait to see it....excited!!!!

Till next time!!!!

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  1. Hi Mel, long time since I popped by. Glad to read how happy you are now, your smile jumps from the page, not just the photos, but in your words.