Thursday, 24 September 2015

I'm in Period Living mag this month!

Oh my gosh!!!!
We are featured in this months issue of Period Living magazine......I feel so honoured as it's the 25th anniversary issue.....I love how the house looks,  they are so clever at styling it so that the homes look just splendid,  it still looks like home.....but way better!
Sadly last Friday,  my beloved Pickle......who's sitting so beautifully on the settle,  passed away, she had aggressive tumours growing in her tummy and it made her very ill,  so it was a heartbreaking decision not to put her through surgery,  but to let her go as peacefully as possible,  we said our last goodbyes and we were with her at the end.....I spent two days crying my heart out.....we buried her at home here in High lovely gentle girl,  forever captured in a glossy's a fitting tribute to our much loved pet.
Hope you enjoy looking at our home....see you Mel....xx